Thursday, April 19, 2012


This year for Spring Break we caught a lucky break. We found some great prices on tickets to New York and the timing was right so we jumped on it. The next thing we knew we were at the airport waiting to catch the red-eye flight. Shane's brother Adam and his wife Katie came along for the good time. We went to New York City and New Milford to visit the Bramhall's. They were so kind to let us stay at their house, let us drive their car, picking us up at the airport and helping us with everything else. We had so much fun seeing them and the sights. The first day that we set off to see NYC Halle decided to get a little car sick in the middle of traffic and throw up in Uncle Dave's new car. It was a disaster. My thought was oh great this is how we are going to start the day, but the rest of the day went great. Halle was perfect. We should have known something was going to happen from the airplane ride. She struggled to sleep on the plane and we also had someone have a seizure in the seat right behind us. So need less to say we didn't sleep much at all on the flight. The City was amazing. Just the huge buildings and the amazing cathedrals. The traffic was everything you could imagine it would be. We went to Central Park, the Empire State Building, Canal Street, Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, NYC library, Time Square, the Rockefeller Center, and so many other places that were unbelievable. The City had such an overwhelming yet energizing feeling to it. So many people in such a small place with such big dreams. We had such a great time and loved everything about our trip. We cannot wait to find some great airfare and go back to spend more time with the Bramhall's and to see more of what New York has to offer.

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